ImaginAb Enters into Exclusive Licensing Agreement with UCLA for Immune Cell Imaging Agents

Imaging Expands Portfolio for Immunotherapeutic Drug Development


Los Angeles – June 3, 2014: ImaginAb, Inc. and the Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have executed a technology licensing agreement relating to novel immune cell-targeting agents for imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Inflammation and immune response play a fundamental role in a wide variety of diseases including cancer and autoimmune diseases. Under the agreement, ImaginAb gains exclusive access to novel imaging agents that target specific markers of murine T-cells, enabling a new understanding of response to immunotherapeutic drugs in pre-clinical models.

 "UCLA is a thought leader in the field of cancer immunology and other immune-mediated diseases," said Dr. Christian Behrenbruch, co-founder and CEO of ImaginAb. "These imaging agents provide new insights into the development of novel immunotherapy strategies and may deliver better understanding of the role of immune function in a wide variety of disease settings.”

 These research “ImmunoPET” imaging agents complement ImaginAb’s active clinical development programs, particularly in the cancer immunotherapy space. The imaging of T-cell targets such as CD3 and CD8 has the potential to improve on the limited efficacy of tissue and blood-based biomarker strategies to effectively predict and monitor response to drugs against important targets like PD-1/L1 or CTLA4 checkpoint inhibitors.

 “Existing research tools for the evaluation of response to immunotherapies in preclinical models systems are extremely limited,” commented Dr. Anna Wu co-founder of ImaginAb and Professor in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA. “There are, however, a growing number of promising treatment strategies – including combination therapies – for cancer and autoimmune disease. We believe that these agents will improve our understanding immunotherapies in the research setting in order to develop more effective clinical solutions.”


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