Study Presented at 2015 World Molecular Imaging Conference Shows ImaginAb's Precision Imaging of Prostate Cancer Outperforms Conventional Imaging


INGLEWOOD, Calif., Sept. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ImaginAb Inc. has released interim results from a Phase 2 clinical trial of IAB2M, the company's proprietary imaging agent for management of prostate cancer, demonstrating superior performance in detecting disease compared with ProstaScint® and conventional imaging technologies including CT scans, MRI scans and bone scans. In addition, IAB2M accurately detected metastatic disease in normal-sized lymph nodes, overcoming a major limitation of existing technologies and addressing a key clinical need.

The trial data were presented at the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2015 (Honolulu, HI). The convention, organized by the World Molecular Imaging Society, focuses on cutting-edge advances in molecular imaging.

"Accurate detection of extra-prostatic disease in high-risk prostate cancer is critical for providing the best possible care to patients undergoing radical prostatectomy," said Robert Reiter, M.D., Co-Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Program in UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center. "However, conventional imaging fails to detect metastatic disease in up to 50 percent of high-risk prostate cancer patients. As our data show, ImaginAb's imaging agent provides a whole-body picture of disease activity, with the potential to change patient management and guide the course of care for best possible outcomes."

Results include the first nine of 20 patients in an ongoing, open-label, Phase 2, single-center trial. Patients received IAB2M intravenously prior to a whole-body PET scan. IAB2M detected disease in lymph nodes of 3 of 6 subjects, later confirmed positive for metastasis at surgery. This is in stark contrast to ProstaScint® and conventional imaging, which did not detect metastasis in lymph nodes in any of those subjects.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, after skin cancer. Roughly 15 percent of prostate cancer patients are classified as high risk, meaning the cancer is likely to spread. However, existing imaging technologies for prostate cancer lack adequate sensitivity and specificity, often failing to detect tumor activity in normal-sized lymph nodes. ImaginAb's prostate cancer imaging agent binds to PSMA, a highly validated prostate cancer-specific target. The product is designed to help physicians accurately stage disease prior to recommending treatment. 

About ImaginAb
ImaginAb Inc. is an immune imaging company focused on providing actionable insight into patient selection and treatment progress for cancer immunotherapy, enabling truly personalized medicine. ImaginAb engineers antibody fragments called minibodies that maintain the exquisite specificity of full-length antibodies while remaining inert in the body. Used with widely available PET scan technology, these novel minibodies illuminate high-value molecular targets, providing physicians with a whole-body picture of immune activity. ImaginAb is also advancing a best-in-class imaging agent to improve prostate cancer management and patient outcomes. ImaginAb's products have the potential to improve patient care and lower healthcare costs. For more information about ImaginAb's pipeline and technology, visit

Jason Spark
Canale Communications for ImaginAb Inc.