ImaginAb announces “Imaximab” Line of Pre-Clinical Imaging Agents for use with PET and SPECT small animal imaging

September 24, 2009

Montreal, QC : 24th of September, 2009 — ImaginAb, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its pre-clinical product range : “Imaximab”. In addition to its clinical development activities around prostate, pancreatic and ovarian cancer imaging agents, ImaginAb has recognized an unmet need for a greater diversity of pre-clinical imaging tools for PET and SPECT small animal imaging. The first of these products are available in 200uCi doses, labeled with 124I (PET) with 111In labels for SPECT to be available in early 2010. The company also expects to be able to offer unconjugated and DOTA-conjugated fragments for customers who want to perform custom radiolabeling with other isotopes or modalities.

“ImaginAb’s initial products focus on chimeric anti-human targets for microPET imaging of cancer models in mice. Our first two products are chimeric T-Imaximab (anti-CD8) and B-Imaximab (anti-CD20) are for imaging T-cell and B-cell distribution in pre-clinical models, although the  decision to release our initial products based on our proprietary “minibody” format also reflects the intention to develop pre-clinical products that may be eventually taken into the clinic”, said Dr. Christian Behrenbruch, CEO of ImaginAb. ”We will also be developing murine-reactive antibody fragments, for a variety of targets, oriented towards transgenic biology”.

“Our goals is to transform pre-clinical molecular imaging into a tool for the biologist through a diverse library of antibody fragments PK-optimized for imaging”, explained Dr. Anna Wu, ImaginAb’s Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor. “We want to use cell surface targets and antibody fragments as a way of interrogating the systems biology of disease through a kind of ‘in vivo immunohistochemistry.’ In our discussions with pharma over the past two years, we have build a strong list of biologically important and ‘imageable’ targets and our goal is to bring a radically new set of imaging tools to our customer base over the next 12-18 months.”

About ImaginAb
Founded in 2007 by UCLA Faculty (Dr. Rob Reiter and Dr. Anna Wu), ImaginAb, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of engineered antibody fragments for diagnostic imaging and radioimmunotherapy. ImaginAb’s founding team of scientists, using technology developed at the City of Hope Medical Center (Duarte, CA) and UCLA have generated a significant pipeline of clinical imaging agents, oriented towards unmet needs in cancer and immunology. ImaginAb is also producing a range of pre-clinical (animal imaging) reagents for use with microPET and microSPECT systems.

ImaginAb’s products have not received US FDA marketing clearance or equivalent approval in Canada.